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PURelastik: Expert opinions - Investigation reports - Data sheets

CE Certificate - Declaration of Performance for PURELASTIK liquid plastic (replaces national approvals within the European Community)

Building code approval ETA-15-0735 for PURelastik in accordance with guideline ETAG 005, Part 8 for European technical approval for "liquid-applied roof waterproofing".

Test report of the State Materials Testing Office in Dortmund MPA-NRW for the approval extension to W3-S:

  • W3   - 25 years expected useful life.
  • S      - extreme climate
  • TL4  - lowest surface temperature of the installed system (-30°C)
  • TH4  - maximum surface temperature of the installed system (+90°C)
  • P4   - special payload, roof gardens, inverted roofs, green roofs.

General building authority test certificate ABP P-3366/598/14-MPA BS for PURELASTIK as a sealing compound on old bitumen roofs. The resistance to "flying sparks and radiant heat" was tested with the result that PURelastik is considered a "hard roofing" for all roof pitches.

Test report (3205/205/13)-1/2014-Br/Mü of 26.02.2014. Test for the exposure of roofing to fire from the outside according to test method 1 of the preliminary standard DIN V ENV 1187.

Test report on the diffusion behavior of PURelastic on polyurethane roof spray foam. Here, the physical drying out of damp old foam roofs via diffusion is demonstrated

General processing instructions for self-users in order to process PURelastik correctly in a professional manner.

Application guide for self-users for fiber cement roofs. The application guide contains photos provided by customers.

Instructions for relaxing foil roofs before roof renovation with liquid plastic PURELASTIK

Technical essay on the topic "Damage to roofs caused by red algae". Red algae are a largely unexplored topic. The damage is considerable and not only roofs sealed with liquid plastics are affected.

Safety data sheet for the liquid plastic PURelastik

Polyurethane roof spray foam building approvals / CE

General building authority approval for the polyurethane roof spray foam system EKOPRODUR S0540 from Petro Carbo Chem with No. Z-23.32-1943

General technical approval for polyurethane roof spray foam BAYMER Spray AL 747/Desmodur 44V20L of Bayer MaterialScience B.V. with No. Z-23.32-1559

Declaration of Conformity (CE) for Baymer® Spray AL 747 - Desmodur® 44V20L, replaces building authority approval