About us

ISOPOL is considered one of the pioneers in the field of development, production and distribution of polyurethane systems and efficient processing machines with the core business of durable roof renovation.

Isopol has entered a new market with the development and production of the liquid plastic PURELASTIK. Initially developed as a long-term UV protection for polyurethane roof spray foam, PURELASTIK has established itself on the market especially as a stand-alone waterproofing system using a fleece insert.

The company, which was founded in Hamburg in 1979   and is now based in Erwitte, North Rhine-Westphalia, offers a wide range of processing techniques for the renovation of industrial roofs, taking into account the existing building fabric.

ISOPOL is  a steadily growing privately held company and has established itself as an industry-wide innovator through its high expenditure in research & development, focusing on high customer satisfaction through a convincing price-performance ratio of its products and services.

ISOPOL's customers include well-known companies from industry, trade transportation and business, who see a foamed roof as an economical alternative to conventional methods.

The company has a strong base of strategic partnerships. Pan-European subcontractors and selected international suppliers guarantee quality and availability.

Strict controls and inspections, a quality-assuring monitoring contract with the state-owned MPA Dortmund, in-house training and transfer of application technology expertise to the partners ensure this quality claim in the long term.

ISOPOL technologies are used worldwide. Recent developments are opening up markets in Japan and Russia.

Today, the focus is:

Production and sale of liquid plastic PURELASTIK

Roof renovation with liquid plastic PURELASTIK in full reinforcement for flat roof, shed roof, old foam, bitumen and roof foils

Roof renovation with polyurethane roof spray foam and PURELASTIK as long-term UV protection