Swiss company interested in ISOPOL technology

After intensive preliminary discussions at ISOPOL on the subject of distribution of PURELASTIK liquid plastic and execution of roof waterproofing in Switzerland, the Swiss company sent technicians and craftsmen to Germany to learn the theory and practice.

The theoretical knowledge was imparted at ISOPOL in Erwitte. Afterwards, an ISOPOL team trained the visitors in practical application on "real" construction sites.

Roof restoration after hail damage at ROX

Roof waterproofing after heavy hailstorm in 06/2019 at the Ammersee lake

After severe hail damage in June 2019 in southern Bavaria with hail the size of tennis balls, ISOPOL was able to help at short notice. At ROX-Hamann-GmbH in Hofstetten, the hail caused major damage on more than 3,000 sqm. Not only the roof surface itself, but also skylight domes, SHEVS and the profiled sheet metal facade were severely damaged.

With great personnel effort, the roof system was quickly restored to as-new condition with Purelastik liquid plastic.

Facade renovation after hail damage



After heavy storms with hail the size of tennis balls, our customer in Hofstetten am Ammersee suffered severe damage not only to the roof system but also to the trapezoidal sheet metal facade. In the course of the roof renovation for the same reason, ISOPOL was able to help quickly and renew the facade.


the team of ISOPOL

ISOPOL expands fleet and adds personnel

The excellent demand for ISOPOL's services in roof renovations requires investments in all areas.

Roof waterproofing foil roof with liquid plastic at Leitz in Uelzen
Roof waterproofing with liquid plastic PURELASTIK on foil

Roof waterproofing foil roof with liquid plastic at Leitz

Roof renovation at Leitz Acco Brands in Uelzen: ISOPOL sealed more than 6,000 sqm of foil roof with very many openings with Purelastik liquid plastic in full reinforcement. In the course of this measure, 26 skylight domes were dismantled and the openings professionally sealed, and 30 round domes were replaced with new square domes.

The embrittlement of the foil sealing made a complete refurbishment necessary and was to be carried out without complete dismantling.

Roof waterproofing at Bosch in Berlin- Spandau with liquid plastic Purelastik by ISOPOL

Roof waterproofing at Bosch with Purelastik liquid plastic

At Zitadellenweg in Berlin, district Spandau, Bosch together with Motorola manufactured cell phones on an area of approx. 7,000 sqm. In the course of a commercial rezoning in 2013, an industrial park was established at this location. The roofs had been sealed and insulated with PUR roof spray foam for nearly 30 years, but were irregularly and/or improperly maintained.

To maintain these roofs over the long term, the PUR foam needed to be protected from UV exposure. A pure UV protective coating was not sufficient because the old foam was heavily attacked over large areas. The most economical solution was a refurbishment with Purelastik liquid plastic in full reinforcement.

Roof renovation on shed roof with liquid plastic

Roof renovation shed roof at LEG Thüringen

The Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen LEG (Thuringia State Development Corporation) awarded Isopol the contract to refurbish the shed roofs on a total area of approx. 20,000 square meters with PURELASTIK liquid plastic in full reinforcement. The main focus of this measure was the renovation of the flashings with slope compensation and double-layer full reinforcement in these particularly stressed areas. The project was carried out in several stages.

A further focus was the renewal and reworking - and here, too, with the emphasis on roof valleys = water-bearing areas - of work carried out by competitors in previous years.

By the way, mistakes can be avoided by regular inspections of our performance. As a manufacturer of PURELASTIK, we are thus able to check whether the assured and tested properties are maintained.

Renovation of a Nissen hut near Mannheim

This roof renovation involved a Nissen hut with a tin roof near Mannheim. For thermal insulation, the hall was coated with 40 mm thick PUR foam. PURelastik liquid plastic was used as UV protection. Execution time: 2 days.

Test report Material Testing Office

The many years of development and continuous improvement of our liquid plastic PURelastik has now been honored in a test report by the NRW Materials Testing Office. For us and our customers, this is proof of the quality of our material for roof waterproofing.

Isopol takes over production of PURelastik

with the production of the PURelastik product line, Isopol itself takes over the production of the proven liquid plastic. PURelastik had already proven itself over many years as UV protection for foamed roofs. The consistent further development and monitoring of completed projects now also justifies its use as  independent waterproofing on roofs with a technical fleece in full reinforcement.