Flat roof waterproofing with Purelastik liquid plastic

Roof renovation with PURelastik and reinforcement fleece in full reinforcement for flat roofs

Flat roof - Definition:

According to the definition on Wikipedia, a flat roof is a roof with a maximum slope of 10°. Some sources mention an upper limit of 5°.

According to the inquiries of interested parties for flat roof waterproofing with liquid plastic at ISOPOL, the layman defines a flat roof as a roof with a slope that can still be walked on and with a waterproofing made of bitumen or foil. In this sense, it is "smooth" roofs without a profiled surface such as fiber cement corrugated or profiled sheet.

Flat roof - Damage:

The damage to such roofs is manifold. In the case of waterproofing with hot-bonded bitumen membranes, it is usually open joints with infiltration by moisture and detached membranes on skylight domes, gullies, ventilators and in the parapet area. With foil roofs, the damage patterns are different. We have therefore placed them in a separate section.

Flat roof renovation process:

ISOPOL offers 2 methods for flat roof renovation: Roof waterproofing with liquid plastic Purelastik in full reinforcement and roof waterproofing with simultaneous thermal insulation with PUR roof spray foam. Compared to conventional waterproofing methods, roof waterproofing with liquid plastic offers considerable advantages:

Seamless and jointless waterproofing, force-fit connection to the substrate everywhere due to the system, easy connection to penetrations and complicated roof shapes, high elasticity and very good diffusivity.

Purelastik liquid plastic for flat roof waterproofing

PURelastik is a highly elastic liquid plastic that is suitable for sealing almost any substrate for flat roofs. It can be applied both by spraying and with a fur roller or broom. The size of the roof is irrelevant, regardless of whether it is a bungalow, garage or industrial roof.

Depending on the weather, the coated roof can be walked on within a few hours and is rainproof after one hour in warm weather. PURelastik is free of solvents, so it can also be applied directly to polystyrene insulation!

The large number of different coating systems for waterproofing flat roofs does not make it easy for the end customer to make a decision. Each system claims to be the best. The customer only finds out whether the promised product properties are correct when it is too late.

Roof waterproofing and roof renovation with liquid plastic directly from the manufacturer

ISOPOL-International GmbH is not only the professional roof renovator. We are also the manufacturer of the liquid plastic Purelastik. The unity of production and processing offers the end customer the advantage that there is constant up-to-date exchange between production and processing. This ensures consistent quality. And when we advise customers, we know what we are talking about!