Flat roof renovation and flat roof waterproofing with liquid plastic

Flat roof renovation
Roof renovation with PURelastik liquid plastic and reinforcement fleece on a flat roof

Old foam roof waterproofing with liquid plastic
Renewal of UV protection for weathered old foam (PUR roof spray foam) as long-term protection

Old foam roof renovation with full reinforcement
Flat roof waterproofing of an old foam roof (PUR roof spray foam, PU foam) with the liquid plastic PURelastik and reinforcing fleece in full reinforcement

Sheet metal roof waterproofing with liquid plastic
Waterproofing of a sheet metal roof with liquid plastic PURelastik

Bitumen flat roof renovation with liquid plastic
Roof waterproofing and renovation of bitumen roofs with PURelastic in full reinforcement

Industrial roof
Roof renovation with liquid plastic PURelastik on an industrial roof

on flat roofs, but before that comes flat roof renovation

Foil roof
Roof waterproofing with liquid plastic PURelastik on damaged foil roofs

Liquid plastic Purelastik

for roof waterproofing / roof renovation / flat roof renovation / flat roof waterproofing

Purelastik, the new generation of environmentally compatible liquid waterproofing, is characterized by durability and processing reliability. Processing safety with this liquid plastic means here that processing errors are easy to avoid due to the system.

The method of flat roof waterproofing with Purelastik in full reinforcement has proven itself and is suitable for waterproofing industrial halls as well as bungalows and garages.

The liquid film Purelastik is adjusted ex works against infestation by red algae and moss  (algicidal) as well as against fungal infestation (fungicidal) to a maximum!


Flat roof waterproofing with Purelastik liquid plastic

Why to waterproof and renovate a flat roof with liquid plastic

When it comes to the question of which products should be used to seal a flat roof in a cost-effective and durable manner, the building owner is faced with a difficult decision. For new installations, certain methods have become established; here, the architect makes appropriate recommendations.

The decision becomes more difficult when a conventional roof leaks. Even the decision, demolition or renovation, requires a lot of expertise and in-depth knowledge of building physics. ISOPOL is a manufacturer of the liquid plastic Purelastik, but also a processor of its own products. Due to our many years of experience, hardly any damage situation is foreign to us. Thus, we are able to give warranty-proven recommendations that comply with the technical rules.

After careful roof cleaning with pressurized water, liquid plastic always forms an intensive bond with the substrate. A technical fleece is inserted bubble-free into the still liquid plastic and this is recoated several times until it is completely saturated. This creates a film on the roof that cannot be infiltrated by water even if damaged.

Water has often penetrated the roof after leaks. Purelastik liquid plastic is breathable (diffusible). This means that over a defined period of time, moisture can dry out via diffusion. This process can be accelerated by using flat roof ventilators. Depending on the situation, we coordinate this with the building owner.

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