Roof waterproofing - Roof renovation - Flat roof renovation with liquid plastic and PUR foam

Roof waterproofing Flat roof waterproofing with liquid plastic PURELASTIK

Professional permanent waterproofing of flat roofs with liquid plastic

PURelastik is a highly elastic liquid plastic that is suitable for almost any substrate for roof waterproofing. In its finished state, the liquid plastic forms a seamless and jointless seal on the roof. PURelastik is also suitable for do-it-yourself application. 
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Roof renovation and thermal insulation with PUR roof spray foam

Roof renovation with PUR roof spray foam for thermal insulation

Flat roof waterproofing with PUR roof spray foam means roof waterproofing and thermal insulation in one operation! The excellent insulation value prevents the strong heat-cold expansion and thus significantly reduces the load on connections.
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Roof renovation and UV protection renewal PUR foam roof

Sealing and maintenance of old PUR foam

Maintenance for weathered PUR foam = polyurethane foam with liquid plastic PURelastik. Rigid polyurethane foam is not UV-stable. Therefore, today foam roofs are provided with a long-term protection: PURelastik from ISOPOL. This type of coating makes a foamed roof maintenance-free for many years.
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DIY roof renovation / roof waterproofing do it yourself

Do-it-yourself roof waterproofing with liquid plastic

Doing a roof yourself with liquid plastic in full reinforcement - no problem for the skilled layman. We supply you with all the necessary materials. If you have any questions, our team of experts will be happy to help at any time.
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Roof renovation with polyurethane roof spray foam and liquid plastic

Roof renovation is a topic of much discussion. The multitude of materials and methods does not exactly help to make the decision easier for the building owner. ISOPOL is a pioneer in effective flat roof renovation. In the course of the last 40 years, we have used and further developed new procedures. As a result, we can now offer you fully developed concepts that also make economic sense.

Roof waterproofing and roof insulation with PUR foam
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Roof waterproofing with PURelastik liquid plastic
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Roof waterproofing and thermal insulation with PUR roof spray foam

The process of roof waterproofing and thermal insulation with PUR roof spray foam has been continuously developed in the course of its use. It provides roof waterproofing and thermal insulation in one operation! Today, a foamed roof is an economical alternative to many conventional methods. Especially the newly developed UV-protective coatings with very long service lives make this method economical.


Polyurethane roof spray foam is particularly well suited for industrial roofs. These are usually large roofs that have to be insulated and sealed in a very short time. With daily outputs of around 1,000 square meters without any significant interruption to operations, roof spray foam is suitable for most roof installations. After certain preliminary work, the old roof often remains as a support.

By the way: Thermal insulation is a dictate of common sense!

PURelastik liquid plastic with fleece in full reinforcement

As an alternative to flat roof waterproofing with PUR foam, we offer our liquid plastic PURelastik with fleece in full reinforcement for roof waterproofing, also for do-it-yourselfers. This method is particularly characterized by the fact that it forms a seamless and jointless waterproofing in the finished state and forms a frictional connection with the substrate everywhere.


Liquid roof waterproofing is becoming increasingly established in the market. Here, the effect of using a liquid film to create a waterproofing membrane that is self-adhesive and, thanks to its full-surface adhesion to the substrate, does not allow any infiltration by surface water, even in the event of damage. PURelastik from Isopol is generally approved under building regulations according to the guidelines of ETAG 005.

Status 20.09.2018