Roof renovation with liquid plastic on flat roof

When it comes to roof renovation, the builder is faced with a variety of procedures and products. Questions as to whether the existing roof must be completely or partially demolished, or whether it can be used in whole or in part for roof renovation, are the beginning of any planning. Serious advice is required. But each Hanwerker is also a businessman and has naturally also for itself its profit optimization in the eye.

ISOPOL-International GmbH is a manufacturer of various materials for roof renovation, but also a user or processor of its own products. Within the framework of free on-site consultation, part of the first tests is to determine which areas of the old structure can be used as a support for the new roof waterproofing without deteriorating the quality of the final product. This can already significantly reduce costs for the building owner.

Roof renovation on industrial roof or bungalow - always an optimal solution

Whether it is the roof of an industrial plant or the roof of a bungalow or garage, liquid plastic PURELASTIK is always a professional solution. With sufficient craftsmanship, the building owner can also carry out this measure himself. We will advise and support you, tell you how to prepare your roof and how much material you need. Many positive letters from self-users confirm this statement. We will be happy to answer your questions about this.

Roof renovation with liquid plastic for long-term waterproofing and PUR roof spray foam for thermal insulation

Roof waterproofing with Purelastik is always a long-term solution. And if the thermal insulation is not sufficient, in many cases polyurethane roof spray foam can be used. We have presented this method in detail here. Please take an interest in it!