Roof renovation with liquid plastic PURelastik on an industrial roof

This industrial roof was renovated with PURelastik liquid plastic in full reinforcement. The material was applied in 3 layers by spraying, with the fabric fleece for reinforcement being inserted in the first layer. With the third layer, PURelastik forms a total layer thickness of about 1.8 mm.

As with most flat roofs, it was mainly the skylight domes that were leaking.

The condition of the roofing felt did not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the actual problems. On the surface, the roof appeared to be in excellent condition. Numerous subsequent attempts to seal the skylight domes were unsuccessful.

In this roof, the first step was to seal the skylight domes with PURelastik and fabric reinforcement using the hand lay-up method.

The pre-cut fabric is embedded in the PURelastik applied with a lambskin roller or bitumen broom and pressed on without bubbles. After drying, PURelastik is applied in further layers until the fabric is completely saturated.

The liquid plastic PURelastik forms an intensive bond with the substrate, in this case the GRP upstand of the skylight dome and the bitumen roof surface, and does so over the entire surface.

Thus, even in the event of mechanical damage, infiltration by moisture is not possible.

With an elongation at break of more than 300%, based on the layer thickness, temperature-induced movements can no longer harm the roof surface.

Similar to the skylight domes, the wall connection and the roof surface were also produced with full fabric reinforcement.

And because of the UV resistance: the liquid plastic PURelastik is UV stable, has proven its UV stability over more than 25 years! In addition, there are test reports/expertises of the state material testing office MPA-NRW for a service life of 25 years (W3S). You can find the documentation in the Service section under Downloads.