Roof renovation bitumen flat roof with PURelastik in full reinforcement

PURelastik is building code approved under ETA-15/0735 according to ETAG 005 part 8

The "building code approval" is the prerequisite for the "placing on the market" of building materials. In the case of "liquid-applied roof waterproofing", ETAG 005, Part 8 as a guideline forms the basis for issuing an ETA. The corresponding documentation can be found in our Service section under Downloads

Today, liquid plastics are being used more and more frequently for roof waterproofing on flat or low-sloped roofs with a bitumen covering (tar paper). They provide reliable protection against moisture penetration and form a non-positive bond with the substrate everywhere.


However, liquid plastics should be adjusted to this field of application. They are expected to have

  • very good UV stability
  • high elongation at break
  • resistance to red algae
  • very good adhesive tensile strength

These requirements are fully met by PURelastik. PURelastik was already used very successfully in the early 1990s on ISOPOL roofs as long-term UV protection.

In further development in conjunction with a full reinforcement made of a technical fleece, this material has also proven itself very well as a stand-alone waterproofing.

PURelastik can be applied both by machine and "by hand" with bitumen brooms.

The finished roof waterproofing consists of a seamless and jointless film, which was practically first produced on the roof. No matter how many roof penetrations there are, the liquid film adapts perfectly to any shape.

Roofs rehabilitated with PURelastik in full reinforcement can be safely walked on for maintenance purposes.