PURelastik - the liquid plastic for roof waterproofing for foil roofs

Roof waterproofing for foil roof with liquid plastic


Roof waterproofing for roof foils - damage patterns

The damage patterns of foil roofs are almost always the same:

Foils usually lie on insulation materials, e.g. polystyrene. This results in plasticizer migration from the higher-grade plastic, in this case the plastic film, to the lower-grade plastic, in this case the polystyrene. This effect leads to embrittlement and/or shrinkage processes. With shrinkage, the film changes position and moves penetrations away from their original position. This is particularly evident in roof inlets, which lose their connection to the downpipe when moved sufficiently.

Roof waterproofing with roofing film - roof renovation

Various methods are available for the rehabilitation of such roofs. Complete demolition causes considerable costs. An economical alternative is roof refurbishment with liquid plastic with fleece inlay in full reinforcement.

In the first step, the shrunken foil is decoupled. With the decoupling, voids are created in the foil. These are filled and fixed with suitable materials. The entire surface is then reinforced and the entire roof is recoated with liquid plastic until the required layer thickness is achieved.