Flachdachsanierung mit PUR-Schaum

Roof renovation with PUR foam

Flat roof renovation / roof waterproofing
Flat roof renovation with PUR roof spray foam is roof waterproofing and thermal insulation in one step!
Why tear off the old roof when it can serve as a supporting layer?

Roof renovation for a sheet metal roof (trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal) in industry
Polyurethane roof spray foam on a trapezoidal sheet metal roof: roof sealing, insulation
and prevention of condensation on the underside of the roof

Waterproofing of bitumen roofs with PUR polyurethane roofing foam and PURELASTIK liquid plastic
Roof renovation for old PUR roof spray foam with liquid plastic Purelastik with or without fleece. Preserve your old foam roof in the long term by coating it with liquid plastic.

Renovation for roofs with fiber cement
Renovation of your flat roof with polyurethane roof injection foam on fiber cement (formerly corrugated asbestos) Alternatively, the roof waterproofing with liquid plastic Purelastik from ISOPOL.

Shed roof renovation
Shed roofs predominantly cause problems in the area of flashings

Roof renovation standing seam roof
Waterproofing/Rehabilitation + Insulation for a Standing Seam Roof

The material PUR foam

Roof renovation, flat roof insulation, roof insulation with polyurethane roof spray foam (PUR foam, PU foam)

Rigid polyurethane foam is a chemical material produced by mixing two components. In this process, the two components polyol and a polyisocyanate are fed to a mixing gun in separate hoses according to a specific dosage ratio using high-pressure technology. There, the components are intensively mixed and sprayed out in an airless process. The spray pattern is similar to that used for painting cars: uniform and finely atomized.

While rigid PUR foam panels are foamed in the factory on stationary machines under conditions that are always the same, PUR roof spray foam is produced "on site" (hence the name PUR local foam).


PUR foam