Flat roof renovation with PURelastik liquid plastic and reinforcement fleece

Flat roof renovation with liquid plastic - the process

When we talk about flat roof renovation with liquid plastic, we of course always mean liquid plastic with reinforcement fleece (full reinforcement). In this process, a system fleece is inserted into the still liquid plastic and recoated until it is completely saturated. The individual sheets overlap by at least 5 cm. This creates a film on the roof without joints and seams which, with careful preparatory work = roof cleaning, is friction-locked to the substrate everywhere.

Roof renovation with liquid plastic in industry

The process of flat roof renovation with liquid plastic is particularly popular in the industry. The cost-effective alternative to most conventional methods is characterized by long service lives. Our Purelastik liquid plastic has been successfully tested at the State Materials Testing Office in Dortmund for a minimum service life of 25 years. Particularly in the case of roof penetrations such as skylight domes, SHEVS, ventilators, air-conditioning units and roof inlets, the connecting waterproofing is very simple due to the system. The liquid plastic adheres very well to most substrates and the fleece adapts to every detail.

Roof renovation with liquid plastic on bungalow

In addition to its main use in industry, this method has also proved very successful for small roofs. Regardless of whether it is a bungalow or apartment block, a garage complex or even a transformer station, the economical long-term solution here is also Purelastik liquid plastic in full reinforcement. And if you are a skilled craftsman, you can renovate your roof yourself! We have published illustrated instructions here.