Roof renovation museum KERAMION in Frechen

planned by Peter Neufert

Keramikmuseum KERAMION in Frechen

The elegant building is the work of the achitect Peter Neufert, created in 1971, an ideal setting for ceramic works of art, whose most distinguished characteristics are beauty, uniqueness and the correspondence of material and form.

But even projects as unique as the Keramion require a certain amount of care and maintenance. Here, ISOPOL International renovated the extremely curved concrete roof with polyurethane in-situ foam and PURelastik liquid plastic. Conventional materials and methods would have quickly reached their limits with this roof shape.

KERAMION Innenansicht: alle Strukturen sind stark geschwungen.

The exterior shape is just like the interior: the funnel-shaped roof has no smooth surfaces, the ideal substrate for seamless and jointless roof waterproofing with simultaneous thermal insulation with polyurethane in-situ foam.

Dachsanierung KERAMION: Innenansicht

Especially because of the large glass surfaces, optimal thermal insulation is required.

The roof is foamed with polyurethane in-situ foam in several layers from the roof edge up to about one meter at the cone attachment (contains a large skylight dome at the top).

The roof renovation with polyurethane in-situ foam was not only a technically mature solution, but also an extremely economically justifiable solution in times of tight budgets.

Roof renovation PUR roof spray foam on Keramion


When designing the Keramion, architect Peter Neufert used polyurethane sprayed roof foam for the curved roof shape.

Roof renovation PUR roof spray foam on Keramion


The difficult accessibility made regular maintenance very costly.

Roof renovation PUR roof spray foam on Keramion


After appropriate preparatory work, the old foam surface could be coated with Purelastik

Roof renovation PUR roof spray foam on Keramion


In the course of a complete renovation with liquid plastic Purelastik the roof system is fully functional again