External insulation of spherical tanks of a refinery

Hellenic Refinery in Aspropyrgos (Athens) Greece 

Hellenic Raffinerie Aspropyrgos (Athen)

For the insulation of spherical tanks of a refinery in Greece, the task was to coat the tanks with polyurethane in-situ foam using a spray process with an insulation thickness of at least 40 mm.

Kugeltank, überzogen mit Flugrost

The tanks, which were welded on site and had a diameter of about 35 m, were found to be heavily rusted. A scaffold had been attached directly to the tanks by the customer by means of welded-on lugs.

Kugeltank, beschäumt

the spray foam is applied in several layers. To avoid cold bridges, the metallic parts of the supporting pillars are also foamed.

Kugeltank, beschäumt und obere Hälfte mit Elastomer beschichtet

The first spherical tank has been foamed. The elastomer coating (in white, to prevent heating) has already been sprayed onto the upper half of the sphere.

Kugeltank fertig

Finished tank coated with white elastomer.